Election of Sheriffs 2022

COMMON HALL – Election of Sheriffs – Friday, 24th June 2022

There are tickets available for the election of the Sheriffs on Friday, 24th June 2022 at the Guildhall. This is an ancient privilege for Liverymen of the City of London since medieval times to elect the Sheriffs for the ensuing year. If you would like to vote, please let me know as I have to send you a ticket. Please remember that only Liverymen admitted to the Company before July 2021 are entitled to vote.

The two candidates are:

Alastiar King – Shrieval candidate

Andrew Marsden – Shrieval candidate

The Founders’ Company has been kind enough to invite us to join them for lunch at their Hall. The cost of the two course luncheon including wines is £50.00 per head.  This is an effort to provide more affordable events in the City at this time.

Please download and return the booking slip as possible if you would like to attend.

You do not have to have voted to attend the luncheon!