Livery Schools Link

The Pattenmakers’ Charitable Foundation has always considered supporting education, at many levels, of considerable importance. The Company is a member of the Livery School Link which was established in 2004 by a number of City Livery Companies and the Guild of Educators, to support schools in and around London, albeit not exclusively within the City.

Bursaries at the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools of the City of London

The Pattenmakers’ Company has long supported, in various ways, the City of London Boys’ School and the City of London School for Girls and provides two bursaries at each for deserving pupils. The Charitable Foundation has developed, in partnership with the Schools, a mentoring and support programme. The Pattenmakers is keen to explain the role of City livery companies in the life of the City of London and facilitate such support as is possible for the advancement of each pupil.

De Montfort University

The Pattenmakers has extended its support to the footwear industry with the introduction of awards to students of footwear design and fabrication at De Montfort University – which has established itself as a centre of excellence in this field   Each year the Pattenmakers’ Charitable Foundation makes an Orthopaedic Design Award to a deserving student and an additional award in conjunction with the Scarr-Hall family; Ian Scarr-Hall is a Past Master of the Company and Rachael Scarr-Hall has been a Trade Warden.

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

The Livery supports two students at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The Guildhall School is the City’s own conservatoire and the only major European conservatoire which is both a Music School and a Drama School.

Our funding provides up to one third of the annual fees for a student on an undergraduate programme, or up to 15% of the costs of a postgraduate programme. This sum, although not great in absolute terms, can make a world of difference for someone from a less advantaged background.

St Paul’s Chorister

The Livery is proud to part fund the education of a Chorister at this important school and the current recipient has song at a number of Company events.