Friends Scheme

The Friends is intended as a two-year introduction to the Pattenmakers following which a person may either apply, having got to know a number of Pattenmakers from which number they will have a Proposer and a Seconder, or withdraw with no implications on either side.

  1. The Offer of Friendship will apply only to intending candidates of any age.
  2. Friends may be associated with the Company via this initiative for no more than 2 years; at the end of this period they shall either apply for Freedom or end the association with no fault, blame or reproach to either party;
  3. Friends status shall be available with the agreement of the Applications  Committee in their sole discretion at a cost of £250 per annum for each of the two years, or below the age of 39 for a fee of £40 per annum.
  4. This shall allow the Friend to purchase tickets for themselves and their partner for the Court events of the Livery excepting the Mansion House and to attend both the Ascension Day and Annual Carol Services. They may attend other events at the invitation of their Mentor or other Liveryman.  (See below)
  5. Each Friend shall be introduced to a Liveryman or Member of Court who shall act as their Mentor
  6. The Mentor shall have the responsibility of introducing the Friend to other court Members and Liverymen, and for introducing the Friend to the values, traditions and customs of the Livery and the City- its governance, processes and ceremonial.
  7. At the end of the 2-year term the Friend will either decide that the Pattenmakers is not for them and walk away, or apply for Freedom in the normal way with a good idea of what is involved and supported by sponsors.  (There would be no facility to extend the term of being a Friend).

The Application Form is available on request from the Clerk.  When complete it should be sent to:

The Clerk
The Membership Committee
The Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers
4 Sheridan Close

Hemel Hempstead

A request for payment will be issued once the application has been accepted.