The Kottler Crazy Triathlon

Two down and one to go !

The cycle ride was completed but not without incident in that some 1/3rd of the way in, my complete gear system sheered off and I was left without a bike. I joined the rest of the team at the finish and covered with shame decided to do the missing kilometres (about 60) the following day and added on a few more by way of penance. The rest of the team kindly allowed me to be included as a participant even though I was not as exposed as they were to the 33 c heat on the actual day.

And last Friday, I did the Wing Walk. This took place at that  major aerodrome outside Upminster, Essex and was on a plane that was built the same year as I was born, neither of which gave anyone confidence! So off we went along the grass runway with smoke billowing from somewhere on the plane – or myself, it was not clear. We did dives, steep ascents and lots of different angles but thankfully not barrel rolls or loop the loops for which you need additional training. Great views of Canary Wharf and the Thames – when I had my eyes open – and only a few rain drops, which felt like acupuncture on the face. Protected only by goggles, the flight(?) finished with an elegant glide down  with lots of showboating on my part, relief on Sonja’s behalf and a determination never to do it again.

It was exhilarating, verging on nervousness but an amazing experience.

Have a  look at this video!

So onwards for the Swim the Serpentine in September. Having never swum anything like the 1 mile involved and certainly not in open water, I have had my first lesson at Shepperton Lakes and have a couple of months of training and getting used to being in a wet suit (but not a  collar and tie). I am sure it will be fine, but not easy.

In the meantime, can I thank my very generous  donors who have helped raise an extraordinary £3,300 so far and I would love this total to reach £4,000 or even more. I will be writing to all of you soon.

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