Young Managers Awards

The Pattenmakers renewed their ancient links with the Footwear Industry just over 40 years ago. Consistent with the ethos of the London guilds to train their apprentices, the Young Managers Award Scheme was conceived by Past Master Richard Paice to encourage ambitious young managers to compete for a Pattenmakers’ award.

Award Background
The Young Managers Award Scheme was conceived by Past Master Richard Paice in 1985 to encourage ambitious young managers to compete for a Pattenmakers’ award to further develop their careers. Each year, we invite employers to put forward strong candidates with high potential for their future career. From those applications we short-list up to 12 candidates to be interviewed to compete for two awards, one for Footwear and one for the Facilities Management sector.

Each Award runs for twelve months the FM from January, and the footwear from March to April the following year. The two winners will be invited to attend the Pattenmakers’ Banquet at the Mansion House in January to receive their citations and award.

The actual awards consist of a cash prize of £500 and a £1500 bespoke tailored training course developed in conjunction with the applicant’s employer and designed to meet both the company and the individual’s needs. The Administrator of each scheme has full access to the Pattenmakers’ network to enable the candidates to develop their personal programme often including placements to experience other companies at first hand.

Additionally, award winners and those shortlisted are invited to attend their respective trade dinners, the two winners will receive Freedom of the Company i.e. become Freemen of the Livery until there 39th Birthday, which also entitles them to be granted the Freedom of the City of London. In this way, these potential leaders of the future become engaged with the Livery, and it is hoped that they may wish to become Liverymen at a later stage.

The winners will also be invited as our guests to attend our annual banquet at Mansion House where the award will be presented to them by the master and the Lord Mayor of London.

The Scheme continues to be a valuable method of maintaining the Livery’s close links with the footwear industry and also the Facilities Management sector.  At the same time, it ensures that talented young managers are given opportunities to broaden their understanding of their chosen trade. This is evidenced by the enthusiasm of employers in submitting candidates each year and in the successful careers enjoyed by the majority of Award Winners.

Court Assistant Jane Wilson manages the overall scheme and interview panels for the awards comprise individuals from their respective industries. David Emanuel leads the FM interview process; Jane Wilson leads the Footwear process.

Award Process

  • Interviews are held for both awards separately.
  • All interview candidates are invited to the respective Trade Dinners.
  • The winner of each award is invited to the Annual Banquet at the Mansion House in January, to receive their certificate and award.

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Anthony Atkinson – 2024 FM Winner
Lord Mayor, IPM and FM Award Winner Anthony Atkinson

Heather Robertson – 2024 Footwear Winner
Lord Mayor, Master and Footwear Award Winner, Heather Robertson