Fund Raising

All Pattenmakers make regular contributions to the Charitable Foundation, and support comes also from friends and guests of the Company and from a variety of fundraising events.

The money for our charitable giving programme comes from two main sources.

A proportion of each Livery member’s annual quarterage is allocated to the Charitable Foundation.

A whole range of fundraising events are held each year and the Fundraising Committee is charged with creating activities that will involve a number of our members and will raise significant sums. These include the London Marathon as one of the main sources of fundraising. The Charitable Foundation has five ‘golden bonds’ so is able to field five runners each year in this internationally renowned race. In the last 10 years the Company has raised over £200,000.

Recently, we have people abseiling down the “Cheesegrater” in the City, people swimming in the Serpentine, a cake eating test and intrepid Triathletes. Members of The 300 (a specially formed group celebrating out Tercentenary) made possible the installation of new panels in the Church recording all the Masters since 1670 (when our records begin) and providing an important contribution to the Restoration of the Organ.