How to Join

We are a friendly, mid-sized Livery Company with our roots in the manufacture of Pattens but today we aim to be the premier footwear based Livery Company with sizeable parts of our membership also in Fashion/Design, Built Environment/Facilities Management, City businesses and professions, the Legal profession and the Armed Forces. This creates a stimulating mix resulting in a rich, diverse and vibrant community.

By becoming a Pattenmaker, you can become as involved as you want with the key pillars of our organisation – Fellowship, Charity and Education, Church and City traditions, and support to the Armed Forces.

We support the long history of Livery Companies and their role in the City and take an active part in the democratic traditions of the City.

We are keen supporters of several charitable activities, notably the design and production of Orthopaedic shoes, particularly for injured servicemen. This includes a special relationship with Headley Court, the Defence and Medical Rehabilitation Centre, and support the De Montfort University course on bespoke and orthopaedic shoe design.

We also give bursaries and prizes to a number of City schools and the Guildhall School of Music and provide backing to several armed forces units, notably the mine clearance vessel HMS Chiddingfold, the University of London Air Squadron and Company 101 City TA bomb disposal.

In addition to it charitable work, the Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers provides an enjoyable focal point for like-minded people to meet. Those who value fellowship and the charity aspects of the Livery, will find a warm welcome, not least the formal Events where friends, colleagues and business acquaintances can mingle in a succession of the finest City Livery Halls that we visit during the year.

We also run many informal events – visits to interesting places, drink tastings, trips to shoe companies and to gardens, and many other cultural activities throughout the year.

And we have a very vibrant Young Pattenmakers section which is the envy of other Liveries and which organises exciting and novel activities for the growing number of younger people keen to become involved with the Pattenmakers’ Company.

How do you join – what is the process?

New people coming in to the Pattenmakers start by becoming Freemen of the Company. After a year Freemen can then apply to join the Livery but must have also have obtained the Freedom of the City of London in the interim.

To apply to become a Freeman of the Company you must first submit an application which should be proposed and seconded by current Liverymen who ideally know you well. (If neither is a member of the Court of Assistants then it must also be countersigned by a member of the Court). You should also have attended at least one Company event and met members of the Court. If you don’t know anyone in the Company and don’t have a Proposer and/or Seconder, it may still be possible to join – please contact the Clerk in the first instance. Once the Court has approved the nomination you will be informed that you are now a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Pattenmekers.

As a new Freeman you can then immediately apply for the Freedom of the City. This is very simple to organise and comprises an impressive ceremony of about twenty minutes conducted by the Chamberlain or Deputy Chamberlain in the Chamberlain’s Court at the Guildhall amidst mementoes of the many eminent people who have also become Freemen of the City of London including Nelson
Mandela, Lord Nelson etc. (Note that ladies are also Freemen in the language of the City- this is in no way a sign of gender inequality!).

After one year as a Freeman of the Company and having been admitted as a Freeman of the City, you can then progress to apply to become a Liveryman of the Company. Your application will have the best chance of success if you have become actively involved in the Company’s activities while a Freeman.

How much does it cost ?

On becoming a Freeman – you pay an initial “fine” (joining fee) of £250 plus and an annual “quarterage” of £167. If the candidate remains a Freemen for more than two years, delaying moving to Liveryman status, this annual fee increases to £334

Obtaining the Freedom of the City – £100

On becoming a Liveryman – an initial “fine” of £550 and an annual “quarterage” of £334

There are different scales for Young Pattenmakers – anyone under 39 years of age – and Award winners of the various company training schemes.

The cost of the formal Dinners is around £100 per person and the more informal events are normally around £50.

A significant part of our income goes directly to the Company’s charitable trust. There are many opportunities to be involved, whether on the various groups (Fund raising, Charity, Membership, Events or young Pattenmakers) by being a Steward at events; by helping in organising the various activities themselves or simply by joining in and having fun.