The Master Pattenmaker, Alastair Watson-Gandy

Alastair was born in Westmorland and then moved to India and Germany. He was educated at Eton, Keele (BA in Economics and Chemistry) and Lancaster (MA in Operational research). He also organised the micro and macro forecasting study group. His wife was a famous China artist, who died in 2001

Alastair’s career involved working in iron and steel (GKN, Weir Pumps), IT (Logica), brewing (Whitbreads and Courage), accountancy (PWC) and audit recovery(PRGX). Currently he is a director of a consultancy company and a property company.

On fundraising he rang the Woodrow High house main fundraising committee and was on the committee to build a new St Francis Hospice in Berkhamsted. He is assisting in the background Jenny Dicken’s charity for Parkinson’s sufferers, Cure Parkinson Trust.

Alastair is ably supported by Jenny Dicken (a Gardener), his barrister son, Professor Mark, (a Scrivener) and business daughter, Alex (a Gardener). Apart from his and Jenny’s families his interests include charity work, badminton, 7 grandchildren, public speaking, travel and attempting to play golf.

Alastair was admitted to the Pattenmakers’ Company in 2003 and for three years looked after the Company’s London Marathon appeals.