The Livery organises four formal Dinners a year culminating in the Grand Banquet at the Mansion House in January. One of the advantages of us not having our own Hall, is that we can enjoy the different delights of many of the Liveries that do have their own Halls.

    The two trade sectors we support – Footwear and The Built Environment – hold their own Dinners every year and from time to time organise Regional events, in the North and the South West of the UK.

    The Warden to the Trade of the day will create an interesting visit to a setting specific to either the Footwear or Built Environment industries.

    Each year, we have a Common Meal, an evening to which all members are invited and gives all present an opportunity to grill the Master and Wardens and Clerk on Company policy and practice and to make suggestions for improvement in both areas.

    Liverymen are also invited to our Annual Ascension Day Service in our own Church, St Margaret Pattens and to the Election of Sheriffs and the Lord Mayor in the wonderful and ancient ceremonies in the Guildhall.

    Over and above this, we organise a number of informal events, which can range from visits to Gardens, historical places of interest, wine or spirit tastings, Headley Court, the theatre and many others. This normally takes the form of groups of 25 or so Liverymen and is growing in popularity.

    • 27/9/2017 - Wednesday
      FM/BE Dinner

      Grocers' Hall

    • 29/9/17 – Friday
      Common Hall - election of The Lord Mayor

    • 19/10/2017 - Thursday
      Court Dinner

      Goldsmiths' Hall

    • 1/11/2017 - Thursday
      Masters' and Clerks' Lunch

      Tallow Chandlers' Hall

    • 11/11/2017 - Saturday
      The Lord Mayor's Show

      We will be participating as part of the procession.

    • 17/11/2017 - Friday
      Young Pattenmakers' Dinner

      Cutlers' Hall

    • 14/12/2017 - Thursday
      Carol Service

      St Margaret Pattens Church

    • 4/1/2018 - Thursday
      Court Dinner

      Venue tba