Company Structure

Chairman Purpose
Court Master All decisions
Honorary Court Senior PastMaster Pastmasters who have left the court
Pastmasters Senior Pastmaster Selection of Master, Wardens and Court Members
Finance and General Purposes Master Finance
Investment Past Master Tim Watts Investment decisions
Admission Committee Upper Warden Propose new Freeman and Liverymen to the court
Membership Alan Lyons Encourage new members
fundraising Jennifer Bryant-Pearson Marathon and other Fundraising events
Charity Sarah Leijten Charity giving
education Chizu Nakajima Education
military Steve Huxham Links to our Military friends
footwear Richard Kottler
City Sustainability Steve Huxham City Sustainability awards

The Master

The Master is an ‘ambassador’ representing the Company in outside activities connected to the Livery, City of London functions and to other Livery companies. He is assisted by the Upper and Renter Wardens, who will deputise for the master in his absence.

The Master supports the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs and Aldermen of city of London in their endeavours. Once every three years the Worshipful company of Pattenmakers take part in the Lord Mayors procession in November.

The Master governs the Livery and with the Wardens and the Court decide on all company business, ie the income and expenditure of the company. An analogue is that the master is the Chairman and the Court of the Assistants are the directors. The day to day running of the Company is the Clerk’s responsibility (chief Executive officer). The Court consists of Past Masters and Court Assistants, who often chair the committees. The Master, Wardens and Court Assistants are chosen by the past masters and then elected by the Court.

The Master spreadheads our Charitable events for the Company with the chairman of the Fundraising committee and the Court. Fundraising is the major mission of the Company.

The Trade warden looks after the Companies link to the Trades of bespoke shoe making and built environment. This appointment is for two years, whereas the Master, Upper Warden and Renter Warden change every year.

The Court

The Court makes the decisions for the Worshipful company of Pattenmakers

Members of the Court

Mr R Kottler The Master Pattenmaker
Mr A Watson-Gandy The Upper Warden
Dr D Best The Renter Warden
Ms J Wilson Warden to the Trade
Past Master C W Stone Senior Past Master
Past Master Professor B A K Rider OBE
Past Master T E Watts
Past Master H R Auty
Past Master S H Lamb
Past Master Sir J W A Timpson CBE
Past Master R L Page
Past Master S J Goodman The Honorary Treasurer
Past Master C M Hayward CC
Past Master N C G Andrews
Past Master M Kemsley
Ms J Bryant-Pearson Assistants to the Court
Mrs A Truphet
Professor C Nakajima
Mrs S Leijten
Mr S Huxham
Mr C Dean
Mr A Lyons

Honorary Court Members:

Past Masters leaving the court move onto the Honorary court. They add their expertise to the Court meetings, but they have no vote on Court Matters if the matter is decided by vote.

Past Master Mr A J Y Magnus
Past Master Mr J P H M S Cunynghame
Past Master Mr Ian Scarr Hall
Past Master Mr Deputy A N Eskenzi CBE CC
Past Master Mr R P Ziff
Past Master Mr G R A Andrews
Past Master Mr R S Sancroft-Baker
Past Master Mr A D Miller
Past Master Mr J A V Townsend
Past Master Mr R Paice
Past Master Mr R J H Edwards
Past Master Mr M Fincham
Past Master Mr N Linstead
Past Master Dame Heather Steel DBE
Past Master Mr D Newell

The Committees

The major committees are Finance and General Purposes, Investment, Fundraising, Education, Charity, Young Pattenmakers and Membership.

The Finance and general purposes committee deals with every matter concerning the Companies interest. The Master, Wardens, senior Past Master and the Honorary Treasurer provide the core of the committee, but are joined by other members often with special interest.

The investment committee looks after our monetary investments, gaining advice from an Investment company. The Committee has made substantial progress in increasing our investments.

The fundraising committee provides one of the core reasons for the Pattenmakers. The Committee organises runners for our Golden bond for the London Marathon. This has raised over £200,000 in the last 10 years. There are other fundraising activities, which we from time to time organise.

The Charity Committee monitors our gifts to charitable causes. These cover Orthopaedic Footwear,

Young Managers, Education, the City of London and Military Affiliations. The orthopaedic footwear covers payment for shoes for people, often without feet and legs and apprentices. On the education, we provide bursaries for the study of bespoke shoe making, city of London Schools and St Paul’s Chorister. Currently our donations to the military involve providing the opportunities for people to go to camp and to the City of London Air squadron.

The Young Pattenmakers committee aim is the support of young Pattenmakers. It is to make them feel at home and understand the responsibilities and mores of the Livery company.

The membership committee encourages new members to join. A prospective candidate is invited to enjoy a livery dinner with us to meet other members of the Livery.